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Annabel-Massina made sure that this stud didn't fuck or jerk-off for three weeks. She wanted to make sure he built up a nice big load of cum in his balls so he can spray it in her mouth and on her face. She gives him a wet and deep blowjob and he starts squirting huge loads of cum into her mouth and all over her face and she loves it.

Cute brunette Annabel-Massina is giving yet another amazing blowjob, but this guy has a surprise in store for her. She licks the huge cock up and down and takes it deep in her warm, wet mouth over and over. She works it like a pro and gets it close to cumming. Suddenly a huge load of sticking cum starts coming out of the cock and completely soaks her face with the gooey substance.

Annabel-Massina has a customer who is so turned on by her hot blowjob that he cums on her twice. The first load is huge and it is difficult for her to keep in her mouth so, when she keeps working his cock and sucking on it hard, he cums again and she starts playing with it. She spreads it all over her perfect tits and plays with the sloppy cum.

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